We regret to inform you that the Pretty Tied Up at the Crypt website / database were lost to the ether on the 1st of April 2004 due to a pork pie related prank that went horribly wrong. We have no way of retrieving the information from the database, as I erm... never backed it up. I'm no longer associated with the running of the Monday night festivities at the Crypt although if you have any questions you can go down on a Monday night and speak to Jonny who is still managing to persuade people to turn up, drink, smoke, and wiggle. There is still discussion of a Pretty Tied Up at Korners event being organised at an unspecified point in the future, who knows.

Finally I just wanna say a massive thank-you to everyone who posted and turned up.

If anyone wants to say hello feel free to email prettytiedup@upforit.info.

Peace and love,